måndag 28 februari 2011


"Made by hand without compromise"
No matter how busy the world is, there is still a place where time passes slowly; Kojima. This small coastal town in Okayama moves at a different pace than the rest of the world, and just being there can make you feel relaxed. It is there that tradition still lives on and where artisans continue to weave their meticulous textiles using techniques passed down over many generations. Kojima is also home to Momotaro Jeans, brand that is devoted to providing high quality handmade jeans for its customers.

Momotaro Jeans uses only the best raw materials and dyes the cotton yarn with natural indigo blue to weave high quality denim on its vintage weaving machines all by hand. At Momotaro, the artisans have a saying, “Made by hand without compromise”. All you have to do is try a pair of Momotaro Jeans and you will see for yourself, in the exquisite details and the rich indigo blue that Momotaro jeans are of superior quality.


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Denim för den dyraste skräddarsydda jeans Momotaro tillverkas på trä maskiner för hand. Väven som framställs genom detta sätt är tung, icke-enhetliga, endast 33 inches i bredd. Momotaro jeans är sydda på vintage s särskilda maskiner. Samurai Jeans